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Thursday, July 1, 2010


I like to bring new meanings to old words, and on occasion invent words all of my own. "Subspace" is the former, existing primarily in the Star Trek universe as a communication method, I've taken the science out of it. This is how I explain the connection I experienced with a very dear friend & lover over the past few years. I've had similar connections with others before (one such connection is still in effect, termed "the Link" which we jokingly "Abuse" from time to time), but none has been so acute, so frequent, so tangible. That I can no longer discuss Subspace with this friend has me thinking about the concept and all that is bundled with it.

So what is Subspace?

Subspace is the connection you have with another being which transcends the physical, irrespective of distance or time. It is more than just the passing thought of that person, more than a result of familiarity or their ever-presence in your daily life. When subspace is in effect you can feel each other. You share thoughts, have unspoken conversations. There is a unique bond established, perpetual, with its own signature that only the 2 of you know. Subspace is more than coincidence. Maybe I'm a dreamer in this instance - and I am a romantic idealist at times - but if I've learned one thing this year, it's that this type of "magic" or unexplained/unexplainable science, does indeed exist.

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