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Monday, July 26, 2010

Day78 - Zills

I had a blast tonight in my home studio, for the first time recording zills (finger cymbals) and a djembe (hand drum). A creative learning experience; tickling both sides of my brain.

It's a rough cut of the new song "Forbidden". In the world of 64-, 128-, and n-track studios, I ended up using just 8. I didn't have time to lay down the bass, as the gym calls tomorrow... but a song's never really finished anyway.

No doubt I'll awake in the morning with the rhythm of the drums echoing in my head.


Beautiful background sounds in this song; birds, crickets, thunder. This is a journey in 6 minutes... you can almost smell the moisture hanging in the air:

Days of the New - Cling (Part 2)


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