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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dualist McFly

(a blogthis entry)

I'd love to be a fly on the wall in my own bedroom during one of my sleeptalking episodes. Watching oneself sleep would be interesting in itself and achieved easily enough with a video camera, but to be there at the very moment of the pinnacle of utter verbal nonsense would be fascinating.

Of course, I've only ever received second-hand reports of such ridiculousness - one time that springs to mind was a few years back while juxtaposed on a sofa with a friend late at night, uncontrollably nodding off but trying to keep myself awake by talking. Without realizing, I'd half slipped out of consciousness for a moment before being queried, with an unseen but audibly furrowed brow: "penguin truck?". I'm still curious as to how the joining of those two words made even the slightest sense, even in that state. A soporific idiom if ever there was one.

Voyeur of the somniloquent*.

I would hope the dualism of being both external viewer and dream experiencer would give a unique insight into the sleeping mind. I love to dream and this might be one way to bridge the gap between Nod & the waking world.

Speaking of which, it's 0430 - time to see if the penguin truck's making the rounds.

*I just make these words up.


  1. What a great idea! When I read this prompt lots of things popped into my head, but nothing as interesting as this!

  2. Thanks Becky =) The alternative was being a fly on the wall at the birth of the universe, but I figured I wouldn't have survived for very long (plus there were no walls).


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