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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day70 - Lost

I finally made it through to the end, completely satisfied with the wonderful finale. Who would've thought after the excellent first series that it would develop into what boiled down to several interwoven stories of love & destiny, transcending space & time. Fantastic stuff, right up my alley.

Easily in my top 10 series of all time & a recommended watch for anyone who enjoys a nice mix of science-fiction, suspense, fantasy, humour, action - even period costumes - but most importantly, expressions of love through selflessness - at it's core, this is what Lost is about.

At some 120 episodes x 40mins a pop, it felt like effort at some points - specifically the sloooooow season 2 - but gladly paid off, and more than adequately at that.

Without spoiling, here is one of my favourite conversations, between 2 men caught between divergences:

Daniel Faraday: "It happened to you too, didn't it? You felt it."
Desmond Hume: "I don't know. I don't know what I felt."
Daniel Faraday: "Yes, you do. You felt love."
Desmond Hume: "That's impossible, because I don't know anything about this woman. I don't know where she is. I don't even know if she exists. She's an idea."

This spoke to me. Coincidence, fate and fated coincidence, all play massive parts in this series, and although I'm happy with the way it ended, I'll miss the anticipation.

Fortunately and with excellent timing, I've picked up a novel series I read many years ago Piers Anthony - Incarnations of Immortality, which explores similar themes of destiny. Each novel focuses on the "occupation" of the immortals: Death, Fate, War, Nature, Time, with many scenes overlapping, but told from different viewpoints. I'm currently on Book 2: Bearing An Hourglass, wherein the protagonist assumes the job of being the incarnation of "Time", living his life in reverse. Head-spinning stuff.

*squeeze* *squeeze* *squeeze* (for those who've read).

(Sun 20100718)


Blind Melon - Time

"I laugh and slip into another state of mind
To let you know that I am real
And all the worries you build up inside your soul
The ones that make your world stand still
Means you can feel, that it's time to go"


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