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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Awake at 0530 yesterday, I felt that the day would be one with intense energy & I embraced it wholly. After the usual double weetbix, yoga & abs, I hit the gym for one of the best sessions I've had in ages, discovering that I'm almost back to my 2009 pre-weight loss strength, currently down by around 5% across all exercises.

Fire continued to burn through my veins all day, there was nothing I could do to shake it, as if an endless well was being drawn on: universal energy. Mentally, I was pushing myself to keep up & by mid-afternoon I was exhausted. That evening I was all set to push myself further & work on music, when I considered the fluffy alternative that is my bed. The draw was magnetic.

I crashed very early. Subsequently 0200 came early, with a dream that awoke me before midnight.


My friend was on her computer, trying to create a VPN to keep in contact. For non-techies, this is a secure connection directly into a network from an external location. She said that she wanted to connect with her daughter (my Bubble). The reference to her "daughter" surprised me & confuses me still.

I was remotely connected to her computer, watching her as she worked & assisting where I could. She was continuously creating "New Folder" within "New Folder" within "New Folder", etc. but this didn't strike as being odd.

The first 90 seconds of Danzig - On A Wicked Night repeated throughout.

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