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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day77 - Sundays

I love the sound of distant construction - as with hearing the neighbour's lawnmower on a Sunday while lazing in bed, with all of my own work out of the way - the knowledge that someone else is working while I'm not fills me with the urge to stretch & yawn. It's a small taste in memory of the comfort of the womb.

That's how my Sunday started, followed by a story. After lazing a bit longer I spent a few hours on the phone/internet with my daughter. The rest was spent just as leisurely, catching up on a bit of writing, music, and reading, all the while listening to the sluice of cars through the rain up & down the street.


"No time frame, for what I need to do today"

Blind Melon - Sleepyhouse

"See the mistakes that I've made, no they don't seem to bother me
& I sure as hell don't feel like I've missed any kind of train"

I've always loved these lyrics.



  1. Oh nice! With an ear to match the eye, definitely a woman of fine taste.


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