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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day67 - Shedding Skin

Encouragement for those whose bodies are a work in progress...

After some 8 years of resistance training, steady weight loss, knee injuries, and learning to truly listen & respond to my body, I finally saw the emergence of 4 well-defined abdominals - something I never thought I would achieve primarily due to my perceived body type, but also due to a lack of real desire. As my body responded to recent dietary & exercise changes I was surprized to see them take shape and figured I'd see how far I could push myself.

8 years ago I peaked at close to 120Kg. Sure I was strong and being tall (195cm) I stretched it out, but there was much excess to be trimmed. I'm currently holding a steady 81Kg, with the current target weight of 77Kg - slightly lower than the ideal BMI weight of around 82Kg, but still within a healthy range. The final 3-4 Kg is the most difficult to shed, but I'm having the most fun with it, and acutely aware of how the body is reacting to every meal, managing to maintain - and in some instances increase - my strength levels, not to forget the endorphin bonus that's helped me through some rough times lately.

In this respect, yoga has been a saving grace. I've been at it since November 2009, and there is no doubt that it's been a large contributor to 2010 being the best year of my life.

Yoga can be blamed for a lot: improved well-being, health, additional confidence, a light or aura that emanates from within. Spinal stretches alone start my day with such stimulation that I'd not known before. Close friends have commented on how it has changed me - not that I was negative before, but there is now an overt positivity & perceived attractiveness that was possibly supressed (maybe hidden under a couple of inches of excess fat!). At it's essence, I'm so much more in tune with my body - a form I've long known would have to be achieved in my 30's in order to maintain for life, and to enjoy this beautiful ride for as long as possible.

I perform my yoga routine 5-6 days a week, in additional to stretches, abdominal & lower back exercises on swiss ball & mat with medicine ball. Gym punishment is dished out 1-2 times a week, depending mostly on time and the age-old dilemma of "warm fluffy bed vs. skin-tightening cold". I've recently added horizontal stretches - aka "the plank" - which has made a marked difference on my core strength, discovering muscles in places never before pondered. It's pure, delicious masochism.

Motivation breeds motivation. I can talk for hours on health, fitness & techniques for maintaining & achieving goals - I love to listen & love to discuss, and more importantly, encourage. I inspire friends, and they reciprocate in kind. It's one of many forms of inspiration that drives me. And while it's enough to be aware of the progress I've made myself, it's lovely when someone else acknowledges my effort. I was called "svelte" today. What more motivation does one need?

(Thu 20100715)


2 shots from the beautiful voice of Shannon Hoon. Though diametrically opposed both lyrically & musically, I can't listen to one without the other following directly behind:

Blind Melon - Skinned
Blind Melon - Toes Across the Floor

"So now I'll take a little glue
I'll put together a new glittered room for view
So I can start sitting so pretty
Instead of sitting here not seein' clear
Just sitting here not fittin' here
No things ain't fittin' here "


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