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Sunday, July 11, 2010


20100709 Friday

I consider myself a pretty relaxed person - there's not much I take exception to - but requests to have my bag searched at stores is a big one. Today I was stopped at JB Hi-Fi after completing a purchase. I pointed out the item and receipt in my hand & was then informed that the check is a condition of entry to the store.

I felt a bit sorry for the security guy; it's a braindead job and he would only ever get grief from customers, but at the same time it's a bogus policy, based on scare-tactics & ignorance, so I politely told him, "no, you may not check my bag" and walked out.

I'm glad I don't shop at such stores very often and I'll happily be banned & spend elsewhere, although I've never heard of this being enforced. If there is cause for suspicion such as the alarm going off, then fair enough, but treating everyone like a criminal does not make for a pleasant shopping experience, in fact it bugs me enough to need to write it off my chest.


Interesting song this one - written at the request of Johnny Cash, when approached by the producers of The Hangover to use it at the start of the film they went with the composer's own version:

Danzig - Thirteen

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