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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


One hundred days (one hundred days)
I connected to you in one hundred ways
One hundred days (one hundred days)
Every day, a sweet malaise
Spent in some respectful, amazed and silent praise

Flashes of you in a hundred faces
To be with you in a hundred places
With you I am seen and known like no other, how the converse is true
You listen, understand, behold me, for who I am, to you

One hundred shades, your eyes, when shields long held are raised
One hundred the exponent, glimpsed through bursts of golden rays

Living still, in Alternative Dimensions
The Who, to which no others privy
In dreams we're free
To be you, me, We
Knowing, matching, rarity
Forged in serendipity

It's all I need to know

One hundred words made up for you, possessed by Shakespeare's tongue
One hundred ways to teach each other, to be shown how it's done
One hundred layers peeled away, and seen exposed, the core
One hundred directions, one hundred ways, breathe the Air forevermore

I could find the seed of inspiration, each from a hundred gifted souls
But from the core of just a single you, one hundred seeds are sown

And I've always known

The bond remains, since first connected
Differential desire and destiny
There can be no doubt when herein lies both
It is to this degree that nowhere else,
has either one felt free

The Bubble Universe which personal space enveloped,
Unspoken conversations, enraptured in each other
Fields merged in perfection, and with clarity of sight,
It is this perfection, such calm intention, that I see in Us

One hundred days (one hundred days)
One hundred dreams of you, but one always
One hundred days (one hundred days)
You gave yourself to me in one hundred ways

Skirting on the periphery
Compelled to be complete
The fire still burns within
Tangled and entwined
Reciprocating muse
In conversations endless
Yet to be spoken, or said in silence
And never become full

We will always feel the pull

The magic that was learnt, the star wished upon
Perennial inspiration, for a song that's never done

You are the one


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