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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day90 - Black Beauty

Her back was dimpled and dented from belt-buckles, curvaceous lines scarred in hard-to-reach places, neck marked with scratches - a sure sign that she'd been well used. I fell in love immediately: gorgeous ebony body, white trim, gold top and paua inlay along mahogany neck.

Second-hand and slightly beatup, this 1981 Les Paul Custom would become one of the few material possessions that I attach deep sentiment to.

It took me 12 months of $150 payments from my - count 'em - four paper route income. After 3 months of lay-by I was allowed to return home with the goods & pay the rest off. 13 years old and smiling, I never looked back.

Les Pauls have a sound all their own, but when combined with gritty amps, especially the ubiquitous Marshall stack, you get the likes of this pair of of Les Paul/Marshall aficionados:

Lenny Kravitz (feat. Slash) - ALways On The Run

The first 13 seconds are a perfect example of what I love in dirty guitars.

Slash is by far one of my favourite players and also one of the laziest. I've seen him live in various incarnations and get to catch him again in Sydney on the 16th. I anticipate sloppy/drunken playing but such oh-so-beautiful melodies, that any transgressions are quickly forgiven.

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