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Monday, August 2, 2010

Day85 - Flow

I sat on the bar stool in my room, held warmly to my guitar and let the song pour out of me. It came to me in a single movement; from beginning to end. I named it "Flow" - no coincidence in that the song's lyrics echoed its creation. It's rare to have a complete song just come like this and when it does it's as if the universe has aligned for that moment, being channelled through the conduit of body and mind.

This is one of my fondest songwriting experiences.

I'd been enjoying a spring affair with a holidaying Swede, when after a day of relaxation & beauty spent walking through gardens in the sun, discussing the wonders of life, I came away brimming with inspiration. All it took was the somnambulistic action of picking up the guitar & singing along to whatever came out.

The song encapsulates that day for me, that moment of inspiration, that beauty - but more than that - it has taken on a life of its own, pulling in memories of other inspirational days, like a black hole turned inside-out; prismatic; cornucopian in colour.

Consequentially, yesterday I wrote additional lyrics to a section of the song that after recording felt like it had space for something extra. I was hesitant at first whether to include the new sentiments as they weren't part of the original outpouring, and are in fact about another person, time, place, but they feel right.

I'm nothing if not guided by instinct.


Days of the New - Dancing with the Wind

"where the fire burns and the water drowns"


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