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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day105 - sunday, bday party

What a full on day. Eighth birthday party, a few days early - Spongebob cake (I love Spongebob), extended family, telescope, microscope, balloons, toys, books. Such a delight to see be there. We may live in separate countries but I ensure that I never miss a birthday.

A second major event occurred today: we read "Where Do I Come From?". It felt a little like we stole some of her innocence, but rather her be armed with knowledge than not, especially in this day, and we felt she was at the right age to learn. It was just me and her reading and it was going well until we got to the sexual intercourse part at which point there was a cry for mummy. My first thought was "oh no, has someone done something to her?!", but we later realised it was because of the warnings mum had given her regarding people touching specific parts of the body. I don't fear much in life, but this is one thing that tops the list. She is to be protected.

So the three of us had a lengthy discussion and read through the rest of the book. We could tell later that she had absorbed it, as she was asking followup questions. This open dialogue is very important to me, with her and in all relationships.

Pictured: playing with the chemistry set. We looked at bugs, saliva, lint, hair. Then busted out the telescope and viewed the moon.


Kiwi music week, instalment #2:

The Feelers - Venus



  1. Happy Birthday to your little girl, I bet those eight years have gone in a heart beat!

  2. Thanks Keshia =)

    Birthdays remind me how much I love being a dad.


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