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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day93 - Grateful

Today was extremely tough - one of the most difficult in memory. I'm fortunate to know some of the very special souls that I do.

Indicative of today that the musical footnote will outstrip the update.

This is wherein I retreat to.


The Black Crowes have long been a favourite of mine. I'm surprised at how little there is out there on Chris Robinson's solo work. I found a site with all the lyrics and a few live videos though, fortunately he's an amazing live singer & the songs don't suffer too much. The album "This Magnificent Distance" is a gem that I revisit now & then.

Chris Robinson & the New Earth Mud - Girl on the Mountain

The entire song's lyrics are right up my alley, but the melody that goes with the chorus is spellbinding:

"There's a girl on the mountain
Waiting there for me
There's a girl on the mountain
Where there's a song, on the breeze"


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