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Friday, August 13, 2010

Day96 - 3-6

I'm fortunate in that the office I'm based in puts on a three-fridge food & drink evening every Friday. Every once in a while these evenings migrate past the mild and into the wild. Consequently, I already have fodder for at least a song or two.

Tonight's spread was above-par. I prefer wine but was drowning multiple skewers of rather dry chicken in some headache-inducing low-carb beer: the price paid for the Final Trimming of the Fat (tm) I guess.

I'm still at work with the option to go out but rather enjoying being at my computer, chilled, writing, listening to new music and faint sounds of the die-hards from the bar. Oh yeah... this office has a full saloon-style marble bar, giant screens on every wall, dart board, pinball machine, sofas & cushions everywhere. It really is a pleasurable environment.

The floor is made up of mostly PR firms, mine is the only IT consultancy. We share a building with Carla Zampatti; 68 and recently single. Every few Fridays we invite friends up to mingle, keep the mix fresh.

I realized today I hadn't been on a proper holiday this year. Last year was Vegas, the year before Switzerland. I typically spend 3-4 weeks every year in NZ with my daughter, but that doesn't quite count as holiday time - it's all about her and I'm usually quite exhausted afterwards, pretending I have as much energy as a 7yo. Nonetheless I'm looking forward to my upcoming week with her as she turns 8... the home stretch to teenhood. Some parents may be dreading this stage but I remain serene - I know we'll maintain our wonderful relationship. I'm proud to say she's a very lovely soul; a kindred spirit.


Tomorrow I'm up the coast. We're celebrating completion of recording with a relaxed rehearsal and run through of the 20+ songs we've written between us for this particular project. This is my favourite part of making music with others: playing, listening, creating. Another month or so and we'll be gigging. Should be fun.

While I've had my moments of excess, 3 to 6 drinks is optimal for me. I think I'm on around 5, so it's time to head home.


Because Bob Dylan's on my mind and I've been listening to a bit lately - only last weekend did I watch Don't Look Back:

Bob Dylan - Lay Lady Lay

I was asked once at one of these Friday night soirées who I would invite to a dinner of notables - my reply was Bob Dylan, for the sole reason of asking him what he thinks of one of my songs; my lyrical pride & joy "Never Forever". I'm sure that'll constitute a post at some point.


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