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Monday, August 30, 2010

Day113 - Lay Me Down

My first weekday back after a full-on week in NZ, hoping to ease back into work. No such luck. I'm wiped. Head filled. No time to unwind. Need to relax.

Photos are from outside the client's office that I spent the following 4 days. The lights along the boardwalk cycled through the rainbow and glowed pure amazing in the twilight. Seeing this every night for a week at least provided a good bookend to long days.

In the daylight is visible the outline of the buildings that once stood against the now-store. And the nearby pub tucked away - indicative of the back streets of Surry Hills - music emanating from inside and random sparkles on the wall, of which I couldn't locate the source, but they were bright and glowing, so get a big thumbs up in my book.


It looks like the Internet Police have blocked my favourite Eagles song on youtube, but here is a pretty good live rendition of another fave:

Eagles - Take It Easy

You just can't go wrong with a moustache like that.


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