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Monday, August 9, 2010

Day92 - Final Five

As anticipated, the final 5Kg has been the hardest to lose. I've come within 2Kg of the goal, but just a fluctuation if not sustained. It took all the determination I could muster today, so the Final Push began.

On the positive, for the past 6 weeks I've stabilised on an average of 2-3Kg below the ideal BMI, while either maintaining or besting personal records for resistance training. The latter I mostly attribute to increased core training (the plank is my friend), the former I put down to the age old basic formula that continues to thwart weight loss at every calorific turn:

energy intake > energy required

But of course, less simplistically it's the silent mental quotient that is the key to the above. Lane Cove village has 4 Thai restaurants within walking distance of my house and a few others that deliver. Damn you chicken pad Thai. Very proteiny but so, so carby.

The above said, I've also been hitting the gym more frequently, hence more high-carb days but today I was born anew: I have the fire of determination in my belly. This is a necessity, I thrive on it, arousing every sense, exuding the energy that it spawns.

I am accustomed to reaching goals, and I want this.


Absolutely one of my favourite songs ever. The sound, production, vocals, lyrics - a package deal, greater than the sum of its parts:

Lenny Kravitz - Again

The idea of falling in love with a stranger for an instant as you pass in the street. This just strokes my brain.


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