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Friday, August 27, 2010

Day110 - friday, departure

We spent Bubble's birthday yesterday at Rainbow's End theme park in Auckland. This day means an extra lot to her as it's the one day a year since her mum and I separated that she gets to do something special with just the three of us.

Her mum and I get on well - in part for Bubble, in part because we were good friends once upon a time - she even puts me up in Bubble's room when I come to visit, so there's no bad blood between us. On the way back from the theme park while Bubble was crashed out in the back, I chatted to her about how I really want more kids in the next few years. She reminded me of how we had planned to have a second child around now. Even though she's been with her current partner for 3 or 4 years - and they have a child together - this hit her hard. I visibly saw her take an invisible punch to the heart. I can guess why, but I was surprised nonetheless.

But such is life, and while not the picture-perfect ideal, things really have worked out for the best for all concerned. Distance is the hardest part, but daily phone calls and internet chats, along with hops across the Tasman every few months make it easier.

My father reminds me to count myself lucky it's not WWI and I'm not stuck halfway around the globe engaged in war for months on end.

Pictured: under a tree while playing mini golf yesterday. I love these pics, even though Bubble had just remembered that I was going home today. The grey skies matched the temporary sad mood, but we had a chat about it and everyone soon cheered up. How could you not under such a beautiful tree =)


Kiwi music week, instalment #7:
Dave Dobbyn - You Oughta Be In Love



  1. I can not imagine how difficult it must be to live more than an arm length away from your child.
    She looks so much like you :)

  2. I dare say it will remain the most difficult experience in my life, but that means I can handle anything going forward.

    Thankyou =)


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