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Saturday, September 4, 2010


From inside the bedroom on a darkened day charged with static, through the window we watched the charcoal storm clouds rolling in, thick & fast. We felt the time was right, we knew it.

Packing only ourselves into the car we headed for the greenery of trees & fields, the embracing arms of surrounding ranges, holding each other's hands as we drove in beautiful silence, absorbing this extended moment, aware of its importance as a pinnacle in each other's lives. Destiny refusing denial any longer.

We found the spot - a place neither of us been to before - parked and out, breathing, tasting the moisture on the air, and jumped the fence. No turn-styles here, as this was not a place meant for casual visitors, but adventurers of the earth, children of the sun, paragons of Aether and Air, such as we.

Walking alive across expansive fields, flanked by forests, ringed by mountains, with the rain beginning to fall more intensely, only serving to build that which bubbles within us, and we two already drenched, each glistening warmth, conduits for prana, we found the epicentre of the surroundings, turned to face and pressed our mouths together, breathing each other in, reminding once more of the enrapturing softness, comfort, peace that each other provides, all but unintentionally, and completely naturally.

On a mission together. A culmination.

Reminding ourselves how electric the extra-corporeal touch of each other is, unlike no other, in-tune and wordless. Our raiment sodden, removed, until exposed, both such beautiful beings, as we'd been born: to the earth, from the dust of stars.

Seated, touching skin to the earth and facing each other, your full weight in my lap. Interlaced in deep. Timeless in urgency. An exorcism of emotion. A milking of body. An osmosis of souls.

My chest doubled, expansive, as if it were the first breath I'd ever taken - and in a way it was. I looked upon you as your head tilted back, eyes closed. Ever amazed by you; the one, drawing those lashes open, golden furnaces bearing down on azure, locked in gaze.

And then: The Most Beautiful Moment unimaginable.

Like seeing in colour for the very first time.

Both tangibly shocked, in coupling, but ecstatically so. Such unique beauty, intense and almost but not unwieldy. Neither having felt _anything_ quite like it before.

A new magnitude, fresh, renewing.

An intensity on a whole other level.

Free to be joyous.

To see the Gleam of Oneness.

To know the Oneness of the Gleam.

(from an 1130 dream)


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