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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day130 - Emirates

I love flying Emirates. At 195cm I appreciate the fantastic legroom and comfy seats. The food is excellent, service always polite and entertainment as good as it gets.

I always fly with a laptop but when with Emirates I never need take it out of stowage, unless I'm in the mood for a movie - in-flights are understandably censored, I prefer films in their original format, but typically I'll watch documentaries.

The doco on Frank Lloyd Wright provoked a renewed interest in architecture and particularly this famous residence;

The 7 Wonders of the Solar System taught me The Sun's diameter is about 400 times the Moon's and approximately the same ratio exists in distance between Earth and the Sun and the Moon and the Sun, respectively. Because of this, the 2 celestial bodies appear to be the same size, which is unique in the Solar System and gives us fantastic eclipses;

I was surprized to learn that by age 40 Michael Hill, Jeweller had not yet launched his own business and set it up in opposition to his uncle's family store in which he was denied a large enough stake;

and the profile on the rise & fall of Detroit was fascinating in that it displayed how wide the gap is between rich & poor in the US and how rampant, unruly and unaccountable corporations are.

My favourite however was on Les Paul - the man who invented overdubbing, amongst other things. Having been injured in a car accident, Les had to have his arm set in place, so he opted for the perfect angle for which he could play guitar. This to me is the epitome of cool. I felt such a kinship with the host of musicians who were interviewed listening to I Really Don't Want To Know - reactions of tears, smiles, wistfulness, far away eyes.

Les Paul & Mary Ford - I Really Don't Want To Know and South

How many arms have held you
And hated to let you go
How many, oh how many, I wonder
But I really don't want, I don't want to know

How many lips have kissed you
And set, set your soul aglow, yes they did
How many, oh how many, I wonder, yes I do
But I really don't want to know

So always make, make me wonder
And always make, make me guess
And even, you know even if I ask you
Oh darling oh don't you, don't confess

Just let it, let it remain your secret
Oh for darling, darling I love you so
No wonder, yeah no wonder, I wonder
Mmm, 'cause I really don't want, I don't want to know


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