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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day124 - Stones

I awoke this morning from a dream wherein I was aboard a plane, smuggling precious stones, secreted away in the back of my throat.

They were beautiful: uncut, rounded deep purples. Similar in look and feel to one my daughter had recently given me.

The flight was international, full of everyday people and yet I was without fear of discovery, safe in the knowledge that I would divulge my cargo as, when and to whom I needed to.

I noted that it was without a modicum of guilt, as I knew I was not doing anything wrong according to my own moral code. Interesting in that guilt is rarely ever even considered.

But I had a purpose.


Muse - Uprising

I especially enjoy ethical messages when performed in such a compelling fashion.




  1. Precious stones in throat!! I love that!!
    I'm not that aware of chakras but my naturopath once explained to me that our throat chakra is the seat of our power of expression and also effecting change within us. She taught me to touch the base of my throat and visualise what I want to express whenever I feel like I cant speak or communicate, or when I'm trying to change something within me.
    This post is amazing, because when I first started seeing her she asked me why I thought I might be angry and I said what I'd been feeling for a long time; which was that I felt like I had diamonds and rubies chattering in my throat but I had to keep my mouth closed, and not let them out because no one would understand them and I had to protect their preciousness.
    And that may have been an 'overshare', but I hope not!!

  2. The chakra aspect had crossed my mind, as well as the immediately invoked imagery of sharing very precious words, thoughts, songs. I'm still working through analysing this one.

    There are those out there who understand, hold that spark of recognition, and while noone can destroy your ideas, you're wise to limit them to those who _get_ it. Those who don't are prone to misunderstanding.

    Definitely not an overshare, Ri. I relish this kind of conversation.


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