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Monday, September 6, 2010

Day120 - Twilight

Wiped, I hit bed tonight at 1930, awaking just before midnight restless enough to re-watch an updated version of the fascinating documentary The Corporation. I can't recommend this film enough, especially to parents who allow their kids to watch commercial television. The producers have re-released it as a free download.

It made a nice follow-up after having just watched Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.

Both will make you angry, but the good kind of angry: at injustice, spurring positive change.


Brad - 20th Century

Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam) does an amazing job with this side-project along with the beautiful Shawn Smith on vocals. I bought the album "Shame" on a whim - the cover featured a person who looked just like a friend of mine - and wow did it pay off.


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