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Saturday, September 4, 2010

To See Through Each Other's Eyes - Addendum

I siesta'd today. Not to escape the heat, as the day was mild, rain sprinkling, cars sluicing past. Quite comfortable - just the environment to let myself drift.

And drift I did.


This time into an open field.


Later that day I dreamed of someone, then much older and necessarily a part of my life if only on the periphery, but removed somewhat and physically distant. There was resentment towards me, a lack of understanding, but contrarily I understood that person and understood why they felt that way towards me.

I then turned to you - you were right next to me. I was aware that this was a glimpse into the future and curious as I am, I wanted to explore the moment, but when i tried to focus on you to see how you appeared now having aged, I couldn't see your face. All I saw was a brilliant white light emanating from your entire being. I've dreamt of you in this way before, but now you were as beautiful as you were in the past - in fact brighter, more amazing to gaze upon. A white so bright, our Sun would pale in comparison.

(addendum to this)


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