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Friday, September 10, 2010

Day123 - Deep n Stabby

I awoke at 0600 then back out to it. The extra hour or so was delicious.

I dreamt of a virus that had infected a global computer cluster, and it was requested of me to fly to Bolivia to join a crack team to fix the issue.

It was quite exciting - like an old-style movie trailer. I half expected the Deep-Voice Guy to start narrating.


Followup blood tests today. I always make the mistake of making fast friends with the blood technicians and end up chatting while they're stabbing me, distracting them in the process. I felt the needle pierce me all the way along the length of my forearm, up through my palm and into my middle finger.

I've made some substantial dietary changes this year, so it's just a check up to ensure I'm on the right track.

Regular blood checkups were recommended to me on good advice, I now pass this advice along to others.


Awesome cover of a great Stones song:

Soundgarden - Stray Cat Blues


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