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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day125 - The OST, 7(+3)

Inspired by this post over at The Wiggins Tribe, I've been thinking about my favourite songs of all time.

You'd think it'd be an easy task to pick seven as I've been maintaining a "funeral" playlist for years now containing most of my favourite songs, but no such luck. I call the playlist "Bobby... the OST" (Original Soundtrack). Each song contained within speaks to my core in one way or another.

Here are my top 7(+3), in no particular order:

Queensryche - Silent Lucidity
I loved this song long before I realised it's about dream control, from which moment we were bound.

Satellite Party - Awesome
At first it felt as though Perry Farrell just wasn't trying with the lyrics, especially the chorus, but upon subsequent listens I one day got it. Succinct. Pure beauty.

Days of the New - Seasons Change
If there is one artist I regard as the yard-stick for my own work, Travis Meeks is he. This is the template.

Steve Vai - For The Love Of God
The guitar sings as it picks you up and carries you along like a magic carpet. This is as close to orgasm as one can experience solely by listening.

John Denver - Rocky Mountain High
The lyrics really blow me away. A life change, documented in song - enlightened, attaining of a new level of consciousness. This is one of the most beautiful occurrences in life. This is a song I could live in.

3 Doors Down - Away From The Sun
If Rocky Mountain High is about unity, Oneness, this is the polar opposite. Important for contrast, appreciation, and still amazing.

Gavin Rossdale - Adrenaline
This song has provided me with a huge amount of motivation over the years.
Inspirational moment: 2:12.

Pink Floyd - One Slip
A reminder to be sure of one's actions before committing to them. A reminder that regrets lead nowhere. Make every potential negative a positive.

Eagles - One Of These Nights
This song transports me, interlaced with my earliest memories yet at the same time I identify strongly with the lyrics as an adult. I think my hippie parents may have been smoking something wicked in the next room while playing this when I was an infant.

Lenny Kravitz - Again
My kind of love song.


Word of mouth is the best medium for music distribution.




  1. What a great list! I always thought one of my funeral songs would be 'break on through ' and ' The End' by The Doors - because I love them and have a sick sense of humour as well as Joy to the world off The Big Chill soundtrack - just to prove that Jeramiah was really a bullfrog !

  2. oh I love silent lucidity.
    I recently asked my brothers to compile a top 100 list of their favourite songs for an art thingy I'm making for them. The lists were quite interesting. Top 7 would be way too hard.

  3. LOL Katy, hearing Joy the the World at a morose funeral would definitely break out a few smiles =)

    Love the Doors. I've been waiting for an excuse to re-watch the Oliver Stone movie, and hopefully introduce someone new to it.

    Agreed Toushka, I had to be ruthless! =)

  4. We were talking about this the other day actually... Mum has long had a stack of little messages to each of us, which she keeps in her jewellery case, and she writes updates on them depending on what goes on, and she also has a list of hymns she wants for her funeral (which she updates from time to time). My sis insists that she's going to blast Bette Midler's version of 'Miss Otis Regrets' at my funeral... she says its so I can do a big, ol highkicking routine on the other side when I hear it.
    I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this, but I figure I'm going to have little say in the matter anyhow.

  5. Interesting you mention the stack of little messages. My daughter asked me the other day if I would record my funeral speech for her, so she could hear all the lovely things I would say _before_ I die.

    LOL I'd definitely prefer Miss Otis Regrets than a miserable dirge - what a number to go out on =)

  6. I think you should definitely write for your daughter now!! What a beautiful thing for the two of you to share.

  7. My thoughts exactly!

    I'm going to make good on her request, but as with such things I'll contemplate it into perfection before I deliver anything.

    No re-writes ;)


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