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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day116 - By The End

...of tomorrow I'll have billed a double week. So much for easing back into it after a week off.

I'm shattered mentally, emotionally, physically.

Like the yoga junkie I am, I've kept up the rites, but my body is craving that additional sweet punishing stimulation, so I've put everything on hold tomorrow morning to hit the gym.

Today was so full on I only made time to eat protein bars with water. I can hear the distant tut-tuts of my nutritionally-minded friends, and to be fair, I treat my body well 99% of the time - it tells me what it wants, what it needs. Maybe it's the yoga, maybe it's something in the Air. Whatever it is, I'm so much more in tune with myself this year, as if I've taken a step or two forwards, upwards.

In any case, it's happier now after one of my killer stir-fries. I'm all preparatorily carbed up and gunning for the gym... if I don't sleep in, that is - which is a distinct possibility.

I sense another impending slow collapse tonight, just as the one before, which was spent half-listening to Robert Anton Wilson lectures, sitting up occasionally to note a phrase or comment, but mostly laid back, driftng on a soft cushion of Aether, and then quickly to sleep, thinking of beauty, because I know that beauty is out there, smiling at this thought.

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