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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day137 - 2 Cuts From Above

I couldn't get "All Alone" out of my head this morning. I had to listen to it a dozen times to try and purge it, but of course that only reinforced the pattern.

I awoke with an image of a friend in mind, as if they needed me. I almost resisted the urge to email, then afterwards almost sent an apology for disturbing them in the first instance. I'm glad I didn't send either. Later in the day I had reinforcement. Not that I needed it - I have no doubts since the last one blew the last remaining few out of the Aether. Not that it makes things right, not that the Air still holds doubt, but sometimes you just have to live with things being to the contrary of how you feel.

As part of my rediscovery of the album "Above", I found again November Hotel: such a well-constructed ride through an aural soundscape. Bright colours against total black. Highlights in an otherwise difficult period.

Both tracks are mostly instrumental, the absence of words fits well with my day: not entirely of this earth.

Mad Season - All Alone

Mad Season - November Hotel


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