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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day139 - Calling All Brisbanites

...or Brislanders? It looks like I'm headed up that way in a month or so, looking for recommendations for accommodation near the Riverstage or Southbank. Nothing fancy, as it'll just be me and my backpack for the night.

I'm not all that familiar with Brisbane so am happy to take recommendations on hotels/motels (and any other travel tips) from those that know the city, rather than going with whoever has the best-designed website.

The occasion: a chance to hear the beautiful voice of Brian Wilson live!

A friend's coming up from the Gold Coast for the show, so it should be a blast. Not to forget the rest of the bill that evening: America (Ventura Highway *sigh*), Peter Frampton & Chicago. I'm expecting to see some amazing hands, with very little filler.

The music may pre-date me, but therein lies some of the most amazing moments of captured timelessness one can ever hear.


The Wilson brothers have voices which speak to me on that unseen level.

The Beach Boys - God Only Knows

This mix is a gem:

The Beach Boys - God Only Knows (a capella)

I surprised myself this year by singing backing vocals in a similar register to some of the higher "ooh oohs" in the track above, in one of my band's tunes Fine Lines. Playing back the master recordings with only vocals provides much amusement, but it's amazing how a silly-sounding squeak - otherwise completely unnatural for a grown man to utter - can enhance the aural landscape; fill in the empty spaces with such colour and vibrance.



  1. The Riverstage is the easiest place in the universe to get to, so don't feel like you have to stay as close as possible. Do you want to stay in the city (the better Hotels are there), or over at South Bank (which may have a nicer vibe and lots of small places to eat in Little Stanley Street or West End). I'd go South Bank myself - and you can walk across the Goodwill Bridge straight to the Riverstage. The valley is a dive. If you want to get close to the stage for the show you will have to be there before the gates open, otherwise you can rock up whenever. I've always had a blast at the Riverstage - its very Brisbane-ish and low-key.

  2. Thanks Ri! My first trip up that way was to a friend's bar in the valley - it left a bad taste in my mouth. It'll be a fleeting visit so I'm not too fussed on fancy, just somewhere to lay my weary head (filled with echoes of Brian Wilson). I love the river, it sounds like South Bank is the way to go =)


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