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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day129 - Words

I enjoyed watching Richard Dawkins' TED talk on Militant Atheism. I've long thought he was a bit gung-ho about his position, but I'm enlightened a bit further now as to why. I then downloaded a copy of The God Delusion for some light reading before bedtime.

I like the idea that the reason there is a lack of an atheist lobby as such, is that it's difficult to herd atheists, due to their free-thinking nature.

I also learned that Dawkins coined the term "meme". I brought up this piece of trivia at dinner tonight and was stared at with blank looks. It reminded me of high school when I had to simplify my language so my friends would understand me. I enjoy playing with simplistic language, but I typically don't "dumb down" anymore - let 'em look it up, I say - but still sometimes I feel as if I'm better off talking to myself.

And that I do.


Days of the New - Whimsical

I can see the orange sky in front of me
I can see things you'll never see
People say it's all a fucking dream
But I can say words you couldn't speak

Is it me
can you believe
You'll never live the world I live
Is it me
It is only me
I can only live a world to live

Break away from you
shattered beliefs
Detaching from my body
desperate in grief
I have changed the world in front of me
One against all
I'm starving this world

Is it me
do you want me
You think you can have me
Say you love me
you want me
I'm saving my money
'cause I don't pay to breathe

I'm not afraid to live/I'm not afraid to die
I can only give what I see inside
You can only take what I give of me
You can only win when I'm not afraid to lose

Subjected to you mother of nature/limited to the colour of your eyes
Drained by the one you call your lover/She don't care if you live or die
Well I don't have a problem/I evolved/Sometimes there's always problems

I stand above


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