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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day97 - Live

It's been a quiet year for concerts. I have a vague memory of seeing an amazing set by Jane's Addiction earlier in the year, and Rob Thomas at Hope Estate Winery was an awesome day out: sun, storm, wine, music.

I've never been into pub bands, preferring large concerts and festivals. I've seen hundreds of live shows, and with a few exceptions, most of my favourite bands. Much of it has to do with learning what goes into a show, much the same as how I listen to a wide selection of music, to garner an appreciation as well as add to the encyclopaedia that resides in my skull. This is important for originality. There's nothing more deflating as a musician to write a melody, only to discover it's been done before. My band mates love me for pointing out when they've re-written someone else's work =)

3 shows on the horizon:
- Slash on Monday - while I owe a lot guitar-wise to Slash, I'm not a fan of weekday shows. It's a real effort unless you're a professional musician or playboy trust-fund kid.
- Muse in December - I very much relate to Muse from a songwriting & instrumentation point of view. Looking forward to seeing the live dynamic.
- Eagles in December - haven't bought tickets yet... I'm holding out for better show dates, hoping that they play a winery. That would be magic.


Muse - Undisclosed Desires


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