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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day87 - Surplace

Very much a treading water day: long & mostly uninspiring - the theme of the last few weeks. I actually like my dayjob, really enjoy it, but it is not particularly creative so I'll eschew it for something that inspired me yesterday.

I studied French somewhat vaguely for 2 years in high school, but the timing was off - there was no way it could match my lust for guitar at the time. In fact maths & science both fell by the wayside; they required some degree of effort. English never seemed to suffer.

Complimented on my French accent yesterday by a lovely French architect that I lunch with occasionally, I was reminded of a similar compliment paid by another lovely French woman during my stay in Switzerland a couple of years back, and how much I wanted - and still very much want - to learn the language; how I want to converse in French, trade whispers of sweet somethings with a lover, compose lyrics in beautiful flowing verse, immerse myself in travel amongst those with the native tongue, to think & dream through different eyes.

This just received a major bump up the priority list.


Not the song I've been listening to incessantly lately, but yet another amazing cut from Rumours:

Fleetwood Mac - The Chain


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