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Sunday, July 4, 2010



Trying my best not to care, but 0200 has me awake, skin crawling. Communication is weighing heavily on my mind again. I want to be available, in touch, but the frequency and level of communication is currently lacking to the point where it's difficult to deal with, especially having had such an open dialogue before.

0420 awoken by a dream wherein I am Head Vampire. I'm hiding from a vampire hunter in the storage room of a university AV suite. The students come in & play movies while I hide, waiting. The significance - if any - is not immediately clear to me. Something to ponder.

I worked on 6 Stained House tracks today, each at various stages of completion. Tomorrow will be a fun day for me: reviewing the changes & confirming whether the desired effect has been achieved or not. I get much fulfilment out of this process, and the occasional moment of joy: when my own music does to me what that of countless others has done, sparking that amazing, almost indescribable glow within my being.


Peter Gabriel is helping so much right now. He is one of those artists with a voice of an angel. Up there with Roy Orbison and Shannon Hoon.

Peter Gabriel - Solsbury Hill

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