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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day83 - Re-strung

If there's one thing that melts me, it's a freshly strung acoustic guitar. Each individual cable rings like a set of churchbells - when a chord is struck, time dissolves for a moment as space bends around the notes, like a field of wheat in the wind.

I was reluctant in re-stringing, but it had to be done. The last set were the longest lasting I'd ever had, as if they were coated with something not of this earth.

After 6 hours of intensive guitar & vocals today, we can now safely say the recording is in the bag. I'm happy that we can now focus on new songs, the 2nd EP and rehearsals while we wait for the final mixing, production & mastering to be completed.

Not 100% happy with our original guitar sounds, we've been re-recording most parts from scratch along with adding vocals to fill out the soundscapes upon each update & review of the master recordings.

Today was my turn to record. I'm happy to say I knocked all my parts out in record time, helped by a very patient & understanding engineer who just so happens to understand perfectionism when it comes to recorded performance.

The guitars really do sound beautiful, not just because of the strings, but mostly due to the method we're micing them. The quality of current home studio recording equipment is amazing - I would have loved this technology to have been available 20 years ago.

There are so many factors to consider in audio production & engineering: size of and positioning in the room; angle of the pick against strings; ambient noise (breathing, cables, jewellery); mix levels between in-ear monitors and the playback; software delay compensation; the list really does go on much longer than I care to type for, suffice it to say that recording acoustic instruments brings a whole new level of respect to those who work to pull it off.

Though exhausted now, today was creatively fulfilling. We squeezed everything out of it that we could.

A day well lived.

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