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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day74 - Catcher

"Relax, noone's making cracks about your goddamn religion."

...so I picked up Catcher in the Rye again. Some of the statements Holden comes out with had me in stitches.

Reminded to in part by a recent South Park episode, I had a girlfriend in high school who was reading it at the time. I started but never finished. Easily distracted I guess, but I quite enjoyed it this time around - serious undertones aside, the book had me chuckling.

"Take a girl when she gets really passionate, she hasn't any brains."

True of men as well, but Holden's delivery is just Pure Awesome. His midnight contemplations of joining a monastery cracked me up. I recall having similar thoughts as a teenager; exploring the mindset of a monk or priest, just to see how far I could take it - even if only in imagination - before relegating the idea to one of the far flung corners of the mind.

I related to Holden's state of mind, possibly from being a boy of a similar age once upon a time, though I dare say a fair bit less whiny. I'm not quite sure what the former says about me.

My favourite idea was that of "disappearing every time you cross the road". I've felt this. It's at the same time empty, full, sad and beautiful. Another state of Oneness. Love it.

(Thu 20100722)


Blind Melon - Car Seat (God's Presents)

Another dark but pretty song about murder, complete with reference to Maxwell's Silver Hammer.

Then there's the Axl Rose song:

Guns N' Roses - Catcher In The Rye



  1. Kitty was thinking of this book today. Odd. I wrote an essay on it when I was in Switzerland, it was read to the class and kept as an example of the perfect essay.

  2. Not surprizing - you're an excellent writer.


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