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Friday, July 30, 2010

loose change

(a blogthis entry)

I couldn't think of 3 quirks, but there's one that I've long thought rather odd.

Some people have a spare change jar. I have an empty 9-piece Ferrero Rocher container that I use to store my loose change. But it's not just a receptacle; it's a bona fide filing system.

At the end of each day I empty my change pocket and place each piece according to denomination into the corresponding space where otherwise a delicious, creamy, mouth-watering chocolate would reside.

My cash pocket typically contains $300-500 cash - enough to cover most spur-of-the-moment encounters - but still I insist on sorting insignificant coins into rank.

I have a compulsion to do so.

$2 coins are grouped into 20's, $1 into 10's, 20's & 50's into single dollars.

I'd been doing this for a few months before I thought about how it might not be that normal, but it's oh so calming & relaxing to do so. Like painting miniatures or sweeping a zen garden.


  1. I like it.
    I love any kind of filing system actually.
    but it is a bit strange hehehe.

  2. It's such a sigh of relief when certain things are in their proper place =)

    Maybe it's because it's less hassle when you want to find something?


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