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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day60 - Within Scorpius

It's a wonderful gift to give someone space, to not crowd them, to let them work their way through difficult times without your presence confusing the situation, if you happen to a part of it.

The wonder comes in how difficult it can be to do so, when every reach of your being pulls you in the opposite direction.

There is consolation in having spoken your mind beforehand; being understood. This is paramount to me - to have been listened to - because there will only be positivity born of such sentiments.

So long as the open invitation to communicate is known, where there is space, there is subspace.

(20100708 Thursday)


I don't know the names of many stars by heart, but this one is called Antares.

I've only once ever wished upon a star. I was 33.

Satellite Party - Wish Upon A Dog Star

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