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Sunday, July 4, 2010



Surprize birthday BBQ for a friend today. Located on the central coast, the diamond sea was in full effect as we sat, chatted and enjoyed. I caught a ride with a new friend who recently moved just down the street from me. It was a nice ride up, we're a good match for travel conversation.

After a few drinks I was about ready for a nap, but BBQ#2 was calling, from out near Manly. This was fun: a catchup with a whole other circle of friends, amazing food, beautiful view, and even a very serious DJ, who was nice enough to let me play 2 of my new Another Day tracks for a bit of random population sample feedback.

The response was largely positive. I silently took onboard the reactions during the various parts of the songs that I thought might provoke emotion. One of the tracks ("Flow") features my vocals as the main - some positive comments were made before they realized it was me, so that was very encouraging. I was already very happy with the outcome of that particular track, but that sort of feedback is invaluable.

Tomorrow the band meets to discuss the finishing touches to the 4 track EP.

Very exciting.

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