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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day64 - 3 Doses

20100712 Mon

3 Doses of Randomness.

While wandering the city earlier I witnessed a collision between pedestrian & cyclist. The pedestrian walked out onto the street on a red light & the cyclist sped around the corner, riding the wrong way up the street. Fortunately they were both alright, it gave me a moment to chuckle - not at them specifically - but at my own imaginings of their thoughts: both of them put others at risk, I wondered if they felt as though they were in the right or not. It was amusing to see the 2 come together in such a way: like a match made in a head trauma unit.

Neither apologized.


mmm... I just had a nice deja vu while writing the above - not of the event, but rather of the blog entry. Sometimes I can remember the place or time I first imagined the repeated experience - this one felt almost a year old. It was rather tasty as far as DV's go. They tend to tickle the furthest reaches of my brain.


Today I read how a friend has given up on a dream. It brought about a sinking sadness in me.

Maybe in another life.

This is for you.

Satellite Party - Milky Avenue

"All the things we dream that never get to happen do here"

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