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Monday, October 25, 2010

Sharing The Love #1

I'm sharing the love for a blog that never ceases to inspire, is filled with amazing images, ideas and creativity seen through multiple facets, sometimes dark, sometimes glittering, but always inherently beautiful:

Rianna's Last Doll Standing

Just as music often brings tears of pure joy to my eyes - that sense of being so filled with emotion that one is most alive at that moment - so does the absorption of collected visual & poetic stimuli that exudes from the screen at LDS.

Draw a deep breath and chase it with a few minutes to take it all in.

A big thankyou to the extra-lovely Toushka at ...from Toushka for linking here =)

Check out Veronica's post at Sleepless Nights to share the love.


  1. WOW. I'm honoured and flattered and very, very happy! Thankyou Bobby! xo

  2. LOVE.

    Ri is AHH-MAZING. And Last Doll Standing is always the place to go for beauty and loveliness.


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