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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day146 - Stardust To Stardust

There you were with me, alone in the room so dark that we couldn't see the walls. Barely aware of how expansive the surroundings were; the ceiling might have been a thousand lengths high or just a few, but it felt as though there was none at all.

We enjoyed comfort in the emanating warmth, not knowing - or just not thinking about - where it came from. To forego analysis.

Something wasn't right. You weren't smiling, which seemed out of character for you in this setting, but instead somewhat stressed - at an external factor. I didn't inquire as to what. I knew you needed distraction, to release.

Our faces illuminated against the glow of the screen just in front of us, ghostly images in the black.

I watched my hands as they touched the display, scrolling my way to find a couple of movies for you and queued them up - a nerd-humour comedy and a linguistic escapist period piece drama - an odd thing for me to do in lieu of conversation, but it somehow felt appropriate. I'd been saving these for you.

And so we watched in comfortable silence.

Though a minor gesture, it was perfect for that moment.

Without the need for word or action, I knew I was appreciated, as was my understanding - which stretches across galaxies.

(from a 0730 dream)


Crosby Stills & Nash - Suite: Judy Blue Eyes - live at Woodstock.

Killer harmonies, fantastic lyrics.


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