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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day152 - Campfire

End of a full week, we had one of the more interesting "campfire" chats at the office bar this week; religion, technology, children, global politics, you name it.

I left at around 2100, my brain buzzing, filled with stimulus.

I lay in bed chatting for a bit, catching up on unreplied-to emails and messages. I had the feeling I'd inadvertently upset a friend, but was reassured that this was not the case. Even after this I had a niggling feeling, but in the interests of giving the benefit of the doubt, I let it go. Unfortunately this morning found out that I had indeed upset, which leaves me in the confused position of not knowing whether I should lean more towards doubt, or not. I'm still not sure exactly what I did but I'm certain it's a misunderstanding.

Sometimes I wish so much that I could show others the view from my eyes. There would be no doubt then.

Communication is the nutrient of all relationships, doubt is the herbicide.


Killer song, awesome video:

Tool - The Pot

"Liar, lawyer; mirror show me, what's the difference?
Kangaroo done hung the guilty with the innocent"


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