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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day160 - Newcastle

The tour continued up to Newcastle - my first time visiting this port. The cool weather didn't deter us from exploring the beach, before hitting the pub with the tour group and spending the night in a cute villa cum hostel, with what was memorably the creakiest bed I've ever slept in.

I'm a man of creature comforts, but I do so enjoy staying in well-maintained hostels - even in the more neglected places it's nigh on impossible not to meet fascinating people. During a road trip I could stay in hostels most nights running but I must have a hotel/motel stay sprinkled in there for good measure (and the all-important private showering experience) - less adventurous but I'll trade a bit of adventure for luxury.

My favourite creature this trip was found at 0700 in the main recreation area: a girl who had been out all night, replete with sparkle-laden mini-dress, glow-bangles and makeup that was starting to spread like an old tattoo, sitting next to a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle, still pretty wired. She looked up at me and we connected, her pulling me in silently and without action before asking me to join her, which I did for a few minutes before breakfast. I could feel her aethereally tugging on me as I went to eat, leaving her to it, but her not wanting me to go. I love the ephemeral connections of such fleeting relationships.

The cafe right around the corner served what was possibly the best breakfast I've eaten all year and was only garnished by the lovely owner coming out to check on our enjoyment levels.

I checked on Party Girl once more before leaving with the group - she had made some progress but I feared that the puzzle may be missing pieces. I wished her good luck in putting it all together, on a level that I've never meant before.


Daniel Bedingfield - Friday


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