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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day158 - Visitors

I love it when friends visit from out of town, it gives me an excuse to explore beautiful Oz. In fact I save up all my sight-seeing for such occasions - a fine example: it took me 5 years of living in Sydney before I ventured west to the Blue Mountains during a friend's visit from Brisbane. I'm glad I waited, it was one of the most amazing weekends I've ever had, and with the perfect company.

Although my flatmate and I have no guest rooms in our apartment, our friends are always invited to couch surf - we have 3 to choose from, so there's rarely a shortage. If they choose to bunk with me they get the bonuses of fairy lights, incense, fluffy blankets, Indian throws, Persian rugs and acoustic guitar in the wee hours.

My current cohort and visiting adventurer is the fabulous Bumpy B from Tennessee. Today's sightseeing was only that of a bar on George St. where I also met up with a group of clients/ex-colleagues/new friends for a few mid-week drinks. This is very unusual for me, especially on a school night and something I usually only enjoy every blue moon, but with B around I can see myself leading a faux-backpacker lifestyle for the next few weeks.

Upon hearing of her planned solo trip to the Hunter Valley, Newcastle and Port Stephens on a wine, cheese and whale-watching tour, it was my duty to offer services as chaperone - with clearly no pretensions as the vanguard for propriety (but rather the vanguard of cheese).

"You can't go to the Hunter Valley alone."
"Why not?"
"It's far too romantic."


La Roux - In for the Kill


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