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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day164 - PB

I'm coming up to a full year of yoga at the end of the month. I've pretty much decided on the next epoch but am still fine-tuning the details. The next challenge won't be physical, as I feel that I have that area under control.

I had my first front workout (pec/bi) in over a week. Wow do I feel fantastic after it! And as a bonus I achieved a new personal best!

Since dropping 17% of my body weight at the beginning of the year in an effort to achieve my ideal BMI and more-importantly make myself comfortable in my own skin, I suffered around a similar percentage strength loss and have spent the last 9 months focusing on regaining the strength without the mass.

Today's PB officially takes me back to pre-yoga strength levels, but now with significantly increased core strength, ever-increasing flexibility and definition I never thought I would achieve.

Physically, I'm in a good place. Being a key factor in life, it's definitely something to be happy about, and hopefully inspires friends to find their own way to the same place =)


One of the cooler songs that uses the ingenious rhyming scheme of "phone", "home" and "alone":

Sugar Ray - Answer The Phone


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