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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day149 - Kestrel

I discovered yesterday through a surprise FB message from one of my sisters that I have a cousin I'd never met before, alive and well, living in the Gold Coast! I haven't put all the pieces together yet, but we're going to meet up when she's in Sydney in December. Very exciting =)


I spent a couple of hours in my friend's internet-radio-station-chat-room-thing tonight chatting with him and his girlfriend and other randoms. Being "on" for 2 hours, cracking jokes, otherwise entertaining & being generally ridiculous really took it out of me.

Favourite song of the night:

Journey - Don't Stop Believing

And because it's Pure Awesome:

Spongebob with Journey - Don't Stop Believing



  1. I'm reading this post, my friend, whilst I'm listening to Joanna Newsom's weird and gorgeous lyrics from her song 'Sawdust and Diamonds'.
    Over share? Haha! I hope not, my dear Bobby.
    What a lovely post; so rewarding to read, as a fellow being who is also trying to put all the pieces together.

  2. Those lyrics are powerful, mysterious as if pulled from the aether of a dream. The sort of ideas that one can't fully comprehend while the mind is active.

    Inspiring =)

    No such thing as an over share around these parts lol


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