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Friday, October 22, 2010

Day166 - Ben Hur

At a client's house this morning helping with their home office setup - a beautiful place right on Sydney harbour, a short walk from one of the ferry terminals which we took back to the city - what a way to commute on such a bright day!

The client offered me free tickets to the live Ben Hur event at Olympic Park stadium, complete with access to the Platinum Members' lounge. I jumped at the chance.

I have a soft spot for Ben Hur, not for the 1959 blockbuster but the 1925 silent film which I was privileged to see (again complementary) around a decade ago with the score played by the Auckland Symphony Orchestra - it was the first time I'd experienced a live orchestra, and I immediately fell in love with the performance format.

Myself and a friend had just been talking about the show, so I was pleased when I was able to offer him and his partner to join me and my date for the evening. We had a great time - anyone who's been to the Tournament of Kings at the Excalibur in Las Vegas will have a feel for what it was like: fantastic, communal, grand. Watching gladiators battle in a modern colosseum was surreal.

"All hail people of Romebush!"


I've been getting back into the album "Fire" lately. I just love Electric Six - mad basslines, fun lyrics, all about good times...

Electric Six - Dance Commander

"I went to the store
to get more
to start the war"


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