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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day154 - Flames

Today was old flame day.

Coincidence conspired to fill my Sunday mainly of chats with ex-lovers. I like that I keep in touch with those that I do, as there's a unique connection to be had that has an extra level to it not found with those friends who haven't been known in that way. Discussions can instantly be that much deeper, safe in the knowledge of who you're speaking with, and with so much that can be left unsaid.

As a bit of an experiment, a couple of years ago I contacted 2 ex's I hadn't spoken with in ages via Facebook. Both relationships didn't end on the best terms but I figured enough time had passed and each of us had such lovely sides that brought us together in the first place, that it would be worth a shot to see if those friendships would stand, so I sent them each the very same message: "Hey =) It's been a long time."

What I received were 2 very different responses:
-The first replied with: "Wow! I was just talking about you last week!". We hadn't spoken in over 10 years.
-The second replied with a remark proving there was still much bitterness on her part. We hadn't spoken in over 5 years.

I left the 2nd to her comments, but the first I've reignited a friendship with and now catch up with when I'm in NZ. It is such a surreal experience seeing someone for the first time in over a decade. The maturity and growth evident in each, has us both very proud of each other and our accomplishments in the intervening years.

These are the ones who inspire songs.


This song takes me back to a warm weekend afternoon circa summer 1993-94. I must have listened to it a dozen times in a row that day, the waves of sound ensaring me, gossamer hooked around my being, pulling me, until I let go of everything.

Pearl Jam - Rearviewmirror



  1. I love a bit of Pearl Jam any day of the week.

  2. thanks for coming and visiting me. I have returned the favour and am glad I did. You write very eloquently, I wish I had that talent. I caught up with an old flame on facebook too, I think he was most surprised and still holds some hurt too. We write occasionally now but it is nice to know he is alive and safe.

    LOL Have to add that I got the verifying word wrong and the second one that I was given was 'MORON' LMAO

  3. Tnteresting how you've been discussing songs that bring up memories Toushka - the reverse happened above: the memory triggered the song.

    Thankyou Kebeni, I'm slowly making my way through your Stalk List. I considered removing the authentication step for comments but there's no way I'm going to now - that was far too entertaining (had me in stitches) =)


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