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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day151 - The Secret

From the four corners of the sphere, one universally recognized truth can be found; the mystery of mysteries, the dilema with which mankind has struggled for millenia, since at least the last ice age, and long before the birth of the pantaloon, with no sign of letting up - is the unexplained loss of single socks, leaving behind orphaned odds.

So I came up with a solution.

Not for the faint-hearted, and unfortunately excluding fashionistas of all description, my method works well for a simple boy like me who continues to dress like a 12 year old about to go skateboarding.

The Secret:

I own approximately 40 pairs of black, gold-rimmed socks. These "Gold-Tops" are interchangeable between feet, so whenever one is lost, I might only notice the odd number. The beauty of this practice is that once a second sock goes missing, all balance is restored to the sock drawer. I like to think that this appeals to the OCD in all of us.

Part of the reason I chose Gold-Tops is to never mix them up with that of friends or family - a task most easily accomplished as the brand is unique and sold exclusively in NZ. I also need to occasionally top up my supply when in the land of the long white cloud (aka land of the long black sock), and I am one of the rare personages who actually enjoys receiving socks for xmas - in fact when polled, I will invariably request socks above all other gifts (while I adore aesthetics, I have simple material tastes, needs, wants), though of course they must be Gold-Tops.

I liken this behaviour to the myth that Einstein's wardrobe was full of identical purple suits, supposedly to assist in reducing his thinking time on mundanities, when choosing clothing to wear each day. It's nonsense but I like the story.

So that's my sock secret.

It's a bit odd.


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