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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day9 - Bizarre

What a bizarre day.

It started at 0130 with a dream featuring my friend & I, working as a couple, experimenting with astral projection - like the modern day new age Curies, but with spreadsheets & documentation, checklists & scientific method. Both excited & happy in the dream, it was a wonderful team to be half of.

The rain was pouring beautifully as I spent my morning with a client. A laptop build. Cruise control (the easy-to-set kind).

Later in the day, back in the office, we were setting records for email counts within a single day. I was having fun, doing not alot of work in the process, but the work would still be there later so I was glad to grab the moment while it was going. Then a serious reference was made, but seemed to be shrugged off as quickly as it had appeared. I had a moment of frustration. Only now thinking back on it do I realize it probably stemmed from the earlier dreams... the closeness of sharing, or sharing of closeness, seemed to be MIA, where only 14 hours earlier it was there & so tangible! For the first time in a long while, I had to remove myself from the situation so I could refocus & return with clarity. It seemed to help & upon my return I sent apologies for my abrupt departure.

The day ended with a line up of interesting events: the Survivor season 20 finale (possibly the best season ever!), a fantastic chicken laksa from my preferred local thai joint, 2 bottles of different label moscato's (neither of which did I end up tasting), and emails of a serious nature. By this point I was wiped. I wasn't exactly sure what had happened, but I knew I wanted to make it right - only it would have to wait for the the next day. Knowing I had received a /hug eased my worry. My /hug was missed by seconds in chat, but I knew it would be the first thing received in the morning & that made me smile.

So I drew a long bath, drew my shape in the water, slipped into steaming liquid & slipped out of my skin.

It seemed like the most logical solution.

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