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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day6 - Flame Day

I awoke with an energy running liquid fire through my veins.

I spent a good portion of the day in memory fantasy fusion, in conversation with she who inspires so much more, and hesitant to leave, but I'd left the day to grow as late as I could, and what use is inspiration if it's not channeled at some point?

We played for several hours, but mostly talked about music, our various projects & - since we're all constantly writing - which songs we wanted to bring to the group.

I realized late that I hadn't eaten all day. The energy does that to me - makes me feel sustained, forget the nutrients that my body eventually craves.

While cutting turkish bread I sliced my hand open. Aside from noticing the gush of red & heading for a tap, my first thought was on embracing the initial pain. It was no worse than a bee sting. I was almost disappointed. My next thought was "how will this affect my guitar playing tonight". Fortunately, once the plaster was on I forgot about the whole incident & proceded to almost slice my hand open again with the same knife, amusing myself muchly in the process.

I went to sleep with a blissful mindset. Words from earlier that day ringing through my head, driving the push for my seed to be summoned, and bring forth they did.

It seemed to be the most logical solution.

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