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Friday, May 28, 2010

Day18 - Charcoal Grey

Hands were cold all morning but I refused to wear gloves. Felt like feeling my bones chill. Sometimes a bit of pain or discomfort is healthy. I didn't take my scarf with me either today. The scarf is the only one I own. It was a gift & has meaning for me, plus it's my favorite colour charcoal grey & suits me to a tee. The other day a client complimented me on it. She also noticed I'd lost weight then proceeded to boggle after I told her I'd lost around 15Kg since xmas. It's nice to have someone notice these things. I think I may be inherently oblivious to seeing similar things in others, but this is something I've recognized for some time & so I continually work to mold myself away from the oblivious & towards the aware. With enough time, this sort of inherency changes.

I soaked my bones again last night in a steaming bath. It's becoming a beloved daily ritual: lying in the bath chatting away. This time I added iceblocks into the mix & embraced the hot/cold contrast. I felt the sugar-fueled energy course through me.

Wine - though also sweet - countered the alertness boost. By the end of the bath I was ready for my fluffy blankets.

It seemed to be the most logical solution.

PS Soap trays also make excellent wine glass holders.

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